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Welcome to the Knowledge Xchange

During the Covid-19 pandemic we will make our relevant resources freely available to help you to respond. 

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We will be sharing our hot topics resources freely available to help you to respond during the pandemic here.

On this site you will find a carefully curated series of resources on topics that you will find valuable. Please get in touch should you need further help.

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Latest Resources

Preparation for Elective Care – SDM/ER

This short video outlines the importance for Shared Decision Making in reviewing and redesigning post-covid service pathways. It features some tools available, skills required for good person centred care, and suggests next steps for organisations to take. This...

Adaptive leadership in the coronavirus response

There are growing calls for adaptive leadership in national and global outbreak responses – but what does this look like? The key is to ensure effective collective decision-making: interpreting harnessing and using the best available emerging evidence, changing trends...

Activities for Transforming Teams & Igniting change

This toolkit provides numerous activities for transforming teams and igniting change. This toolkit has been sourced from The British Columbia Patient Safety & Quality Council from Canada. [custom-related-posts title="Related" none_text="No related programmes...

Narrative as abductive acts of knowing

A long time ago I augmented a saying from Polanyi which is key: We always know more than we can say and we will always say more than we can write down. Managing all three types of knowledge and critically the flow and interaction between them is key to organisations...

Take time to reflect

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the transformation of care, with pressures on workforce driving practices to work together, with other partners and in different ways. This article is sourced from PCC. [custom-related-posts title="Related" none_text="No related...

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